Guarantees of Origin

Electrium, your green electricity supplier

Electrium, an experienced player in the Guarantees of Origin market, provides you with the quantity of MWh of green electricity you desire. We offer the most competitive rates on the European market for your consumption of green electricity, with Guarantees of Origin from wind farms, solar power plants or hydroelectric dams, in France or in other European countries.

Electrium is a brand of Carbonium.

Guarantees of Origin guarantee the renewable origin of your electricity

The system of guarantees of origin makes it possible to label electricity production in order to show the final customer that a given share or quantity of electricity is of renewable origin or produced by cogeneration.
In order to transpose the new requirements of Directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energies, Decree No 2012-62 of 20 January 2012 amended Decree No 2006-1118 of 5 September 2006 laying down the system of guarantees of origin. In accordance with this decree, Powernext was appointed, after a competitive bidding procedure, to carry out the task of issuing and monitoring guarantees of origin as from 1 May 2013.

For more information, you can download our presentation brochure on Guarantees of Origin / Green Electricity Certificates (Electrium, October 2018).