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Yang Zhang, Partner
A graduate of AgroParisTech, Yang Zhang began her career as a consultant in project management in the field of energy and environment for large industrial groups. She then joined the environmental strategy consulting firm BeCitizen, Edmond Rothschild Group. She has worked with large groups, SMEs and investment funds on strategic and financial advisory assignments. Since 2014, it has been supporting Sino-European business development and investment for Chinese investors and companies in the French and European markets as well as for European innovators in the Chinese market. Yang is a graduate of AgroParisTech, Tong Ji University and China Agricultural University. She speaks Chinese, French and English.

Le Ban, Partner
A civil engineer from the French Ministry of Mines, Le Ban began his career as a technical executive at Veolia. He is specialized in water and sanitation, with experiences in France, Switzerland, Morocco and China. For four years, he was a financial analyst in the carbon market as part of a partnership between Veolia and Carbonium. He has also carried out advisory missions to the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the African Development Bank. He co-founded Cibola Parteners in 2015. Mr. Ban speaks Chinese, French, English and Spanish.

Philippe Coste, Partner
A former student of the ENA (Simone Weil class), Philippe Coste has spent most of his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has served as ambassador to Mauritius, Cambodia, the Czech Republic and Egypt. In Paris he headed the Centre d'Analyse et de Prévision and the Direction de la Coopération Européenne. From 2004 to 2006, he was a diplomatic adviser to the Government and a member of the Foreign Affairs Council. He joined Carbonium in 2012 as Vice President and co-founded Cibola Partners. Mr. Coste speaks French and English.

Le comité stratégique de Carbonium & Cibola Partners

Philippe de Dreuzy (Managing Director of Findev-2)
Sébastien Leroy (Essilor Investor Relations Director)
Jean Pasternak (Former Director of Sustainability at Schneider Electric)
Stéphane Aver (Chairman of Aaqius and Aalps)
Christophe Angely (Director of Strategy of FERDI)