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Who are we ?

Founded in 2004, Cibola Partners is a consulting firm specialized in climate strategy and finance.

With the ambition to contribute to reconciling business, the economy and the protection of the planet, Cibola Partners is committed to increasing the collective skills of all its employees, clients and partners in order to anticipate the challenges of the future.

Cibola Partners provides consulting and financial expertise in renewable energy, carbon neutrality, resilience and adaptation to climate change. Cibola Partners' offices in France and China employ 15 people who share their expertise within an international network with partners in some 20 countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

What we offer

Climate finance consulting

  • Financing of projects by the Green Climate Fund, the Adaptation Fund and the Global Environment Facility
  • Accreditation of intermediaries to the Green Climate Fund, the Adaptation Fund, etc.
  • Implementation of the Paris Agreement on behalf of countries and companies

Carbon neutrality

  • Advice on the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the assessment of carbon neutrality trajectories
  • Carbon offset solutions
  • Low-carbon and climate-resilient strategy for 2050


Impact investing

  • Societal and environmental innovation
  • Impact investment strategy, and impact measurement and monitoring
  • Good governance practices

Connecting people

  • Support for North-South-South cooperation
  • Environmental and climate diplomacy
  • International market research and support for business development

Our partners

Accredited Observer to the Green Climate Fund

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