Our expertise

Cibola Partners supports its clients in the energy transition to a zero-carbon world, to strengthen their resilience to global warming and improve their impact on society and the planet. This covers 3 areas: adaptation, mitigation and business transformation.

Our expertise in climate finance :


  • In recent years, climate change has become an increasingly important issue in strategic decision-making for businesses and governments
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, measured in tons of carbon, and adapting to climate change have become top priorities
  • Numerous sources of financing exist to invest in future solutions at both the national and international levels: the $10 billion Green Climate Fund is the most prominent example

Cibola Partners advises companies and policy makers on financing their actions to fight against climate change

  • Strategic advice for the financing of mitigation and adaptation projects
  • Portfolio management and intermediation of green products (greenhouse gas emission allowances, green certificates/guarantees of origin, etc.)
  • Market research and financing of cleantech
  • Preparation of national climate action plans (NDCs) and national adaptation plans (NAPs)
  • Development of projects resulting from the Paris Agreement (GCF, NAMA, REDD+, etc.)

Our added value

Our expertise in climate change resilience and adaptation :

  • Analyze the risks for the company, the municipality, the country, the value chain, the businesses and develop sector-specific targeted measures to adapt to climate change and reduce vulnerability
  • Advise on policy and regulatory developments related to the transition and implementation of the Paris Agreement, and consider an appropriate strategy to anticipate change.
  • Identify and develop climate risk hedging instruments and advise on investment decisions

Our expertise in emissions reduction and mitigation

Renewable energy


Renewable energies are becoming an increasingly important part of the French and global energy landscape, and politicians and major groups are aware of the importance of developing these energies to address climate change and move towards decentralized energy independence.
  • However, financing is not always secure and players in the renewable energy sector face several challenges
  • In this context, the success of a renewable energy project requires a global understanding of the technical, environmental, institutional and financial issues at stake

Cibola Partners supports companies and policy makers in the development of their renewable energy projects

  • Project selection and due diligence
  • Potential studies by type of energy: wind, solar, biomass, etc.
  • Development of renewable energy potential and resources in developing countries
  • Financial support (market studies, financing plans, etc.)
  • Support for the implementation of incentive policies
  • Strategic advice and investment advice

Our added value

  • Technical expertise and know-how for the financial structuring of RE projects (wind, solar, biomass, rural electrification, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of the players in the sector and member of several expert networks including the Climate Technology Centre Network (CTCN)
  • Perfect understanding of regulations and incentive mechanisms
  • Development of international renewable energy projects
  • Technology watch on new energy solutions

Cleantech financing


  • Some companies are forced to limit or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or to use green electricity in accordance with international or regional regulations;
  • Others wish to contribute to the protection of the environment and to convey an eco-responsible image to their customers, who are increasingly concerned and attentive to the respect of nature;
  • In both cases, green products (carbon credits, guarantees of origin, etc.) are available on the market to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions or to buy green electricity.

Carbonium assists clients in buying or selling green products

  • Analysis of eligibility, risks and needs of the buyer or seller;
  • Assisting in the negotiation of carbon credit purchase/sale contracts, local monitoring and direct contact with buyers;
  • Intermediation of all CO2 products (EUA, CER, ERU, AAU, VCS, swaps, etc.) and green certificates (or guarantee of origin). Focus on the post Kyoto phase (Phase 3);
  • Intermediation of structured products: swap, option, etc. ;
  • Identification of buyers (direct contact between parties);
  • Organization of international tenders for sale.

Our added value

  • Global vision of the market;
  • Strong expertise in risk assessment;
  • Local presence and proximity to sellers;
  • Understanding of buyers' needs;
  • Advantageous commercial conditions.
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